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Custom Blinds, Shades, Shutters and Drapery

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We invite you to visit our shop conveniently located in Calgary, AB. Here, you can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience as you explore our well-curated displays and consult with our knowledgeable professionals.

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Being a locally owned and operated business, we have a deep understanding of the area and are familiar with the preferences of the local community. That's why we carefully curate our products and services to cater to the specific needs and tastes of our valued customers. 

Today, we are ready to assist you with your requirements, and we assure you that our commitment extends far into the future. Whenever you find yourself in need again, we will be here, ready to provide our exceptional support and expertise..

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Complimentary Consultation

We provide complimentary consultations to all our clients as a part of our service. At Cricklewood Interiors, our team of skilled design professionals is dedicated to assisting you in choosing window coverings that align with your specific requirements. We take into consideration factors such as privacy, light control, energy efficiency, as well as child or pet safety, ensuring that the selected options meet all your needs. 

Furthermore, we understand the importance of aesthetic appeal, and our experts will guide you in selecting colors, textures, and finishes that seamlessly enhance your interior décor. With our guidance, your window treatments will not only serve their practical purposes but also contribute to the overall beauty of your space.


Our shades do more than look good. We design each style purposefully, for enriching your days in unexpected ways.

Click below for energy efficient inspiration.


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Technology & Automation

With PowerView® Automation, you can schedule window treatments to open and close when you want them to. Available on almost all of our solutions, PowerView is also compatible with smart home systems.

Hunter Douglas Portfolio Brochure

Enjoy 65 pages of fresh takes, creative ideas and smart solutions for your windows with our online brochure. It's the ideal introduction to Hunter Douglas window coverings, available at Cricklewood Interiors.

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Cricklewood Interiors offers a large selection of custom Hunter Douglas window coverings, including honeycomb shades, Roman shades, roller and solar shades, woven wood shades, horizontal and vertical blinds, sheers, shadings, drapery, and shutters.

We serve Calgary, AB and the surrounding areas.


Outdoor patio lighting

Create a cozy space after the sun goes down with the perfect patio lighting to illuminate your home just right. 

Decorating a Sunroom

Boost your sunroom and create a room with an ambiance that says «  relaxation »  at any time. See these tips for making this the most inviting room in your home. Click the link to learn more. 

Curtains vs. Drapes

Drapes, curtains, what is the difference? Find out what works best for your home and style with these five differences. 

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